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The programme offers a well designed course content covering topics on general management and topics directly related to the understanding and management of national / international business. Salient features of the programme :

• Lectures by eminent persons, experts, senior practicing managers in various fields of business are held on a regular basis.

• Students get opportunity to participate and volunteer in Seminars on periodic intervals, projects & assignments which helps them to put their theoretical knowledge into practice.

• Visits to various kinds of industries to have firsthand knowledge of production & manufacturing trade.

Bachelor of Computer Applications is a course that is customized for students wishing to shine in the field of computer and information technology. Salient features of the programme :

• BCA graduates can start up their career in either Government sector or private sector since there are a lot of employment opportunities in both these sectors.

• This degree helps the students to get a sound knowledge on computer applications.

• With the help of this course they can have a perfect launch pad for challenging career in the field of information technology



The flagship programme delivering excellence since 1998. The programme offers every student a very exciting and highly interactive platform for experiential learning through following hospitality simulation tools and strategic initiatives :

• The programme is aptly targeted towards the burgeoning Global hospitality industry.

• Students undertake on-the-job training at various hospitality chain groups of hotels during the second year of the programme.

• Students under the programme get global exposure of foreign culture & society and experience an adventurous journey to the foreign country.