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At GGI, professors & industrialists from reputed institutions & industries come and give their useful talks and provide a proper direction to students. Workshops, Seminars and Extension Lectures are also conducted in all areas to provide a platform for cogitation and knowledge sharing. Renowned industrial and corporate professionals are invited to the campus to bring the practical and novel applications from the actual working environment and give extra input to the students on the most recent topics as well as the subjects which are relevant to their area of specialization. All the HODs always aim at implementing novel ideas. With the inclusion of Non-academic calendar in the regular time table, students are better exposed to various skills required for the industry. Oral presentations and other related activities boost up students’ morale and make them more knowledgeable and communicative. In every aspect, these lectures and activities will pave the way for their bright future.






GGI focuses on emerging technologies in teaching and learning practices to improve students’ understanding and learning aptitude which cover the academic facilities for our students. Teaching through smart classroom is one of our comprehensive strategies to achieve this goal. Our smart classroom is a mixture of state-of-the-art hardware, syllabus-compliant and multimedia-based interactive content. The exceptional advantage of smart classroom makes typical classroom sessions more interactive, interesting and allows students to learn different fields of studies in a structured, easy-to-understand and syllabus-compliant manner.









We have spacious air conditioned classrooms have ultra modern facilities like Projectors, integrated Wi-Fi Systems, and sound systems. Classroom teaching methods adopted to enhance best of the practices and help students to derive the best of the learning from their programs and courses. The lectures conducted for every course are there to infuse and develop in the students the analytical, conceptual, presentation, communication and application oriented skills. The classrooms and lecture halls are well equipped with modern teaching aids like multimedia projectors and computers with Wi-Fi connectivity which help to make teaching more interesting and interactive for students. The simulated teaching software helps the student to understand the process in highly visualized form.




GI gives a tremendous enabling environment which focuses the 'room for the birth of ideas'. The library is a major magnet for students as not only does it offer a variety of academic information, it also stimulates the intellectual pursuit of students in a lovely ambience. The library is open from morning till late evening and even until midnight during examinations. Apart from books on technical subjects related to discipline and courses, it houses books of general interest magazines and daily newspapers. Well equipped with journals in print, both national and international, the library supports the research needs across varied disciplines. There is membership of library for the students and staff through which they can access library services anytime, GGI subscribes various online journals and books which can be accessed through given ID and password. Along with it has a different newspaper section where students can update and aware themselves by availing the facility of reading the newspapers of various languages in the library.






We have dedicated laboratory facilities for each & every departments:


- IT Lab

Our spacious and fully air conditioned computer labs are well equipped with latest technology systems and other high-tech devices like printers, scanner, fax machine, which are shared through LAN with 24 hours internet facilities. These are build up according to industry standards and are ready to make students to become professionals.

Logic design Lab, object oriented programming using C++ Lab, Operating systems Lab, Computer networks Lab, microprocessor and assembly language programming Lab, system programming Lab, Design and analysis of algorithm Lab, computer graphics Lab, Free/open source software Lab, simulation and Modeling Lab, Artificial Intelligence Lab, Object oriented programming, Industrial automation and robotics Lab etc.


- Front Office Lab

Though front office is an important department, yet warm, friendly and proper staff of the department makes a guest feel home upon his arrival. It also shares a largest revenue to the organization. So our front office lab is fully equipped with proper equipments and desks for hands on training of the students. Accommodation management system is also installed to teach the students with the changing pattern of property management.

- Accommodation Operation Lab

The institutes’ state-of-the-art Housekeeping Laboratory creates the provision of a clean, comfortable, safe and aesthetically appealing environment for guests and cater to the laundering requirements of hotel linen, staff uniforms & guest clothing and to coordinate renovation and refurnishing of the hospitality industry.

- Food & Beverage Service Lab

We provide laboratories, experience through our separate advanced restaurant, stylish bar & modern banquet hall, for enhancing students’ skills in effective food & beverage service. Emphasis is placed on practical from the various aspects including greeting / service of guests, dining room & banquet hall set up, menu sales & merchandising, service styles, reservation etc. Upon completion we assure that the students should be able to demonstrate practical application of human relations & skills required in the service of Food & Beverage.

- Food & Beverage Production Lab

Eating with your eyes, nose, mouth & stomach and a chef has to not only made the food edible but he has to take care of presentation and gastronic value of every individual dish. Our hightech culinary hub deals with the knowledge of the multitude of ingredients used to prepare mouth watering, yummy, ozzing, nutritious and hygiene foods from different cuisine from all over the world. Students who aspire to develop as chef to hone their skills in our advance kitchen, basic kitchen and house kitchen lab.

- Language & personality Development Lab

The Lab is well equipped with Sound Adapter, Computer, Software, Audio & Video Adapter, Separate headphones with microphones, Webcam, Some Demo Audio Records & Modern Communication Gadgets. This unique learning facility helps students to boost their communication competencies through facilitate English and foreign language learning, presentation techniques, effective listening skills, recording, voice chat, text to speech, online examination etc. Conducting group discussions, role play, leadership training and mock interviews also improve body language of the students.





It is to be stated that various Industry experts, international delegates and our internal faculties will often come to share their thoughts with students. Seminars and presentations on corporate and social issues will be frequently organised at the spacious air-conditioned Seminar Hall of GGI.








At GGI, we pay a lot of attention to student feedback and ensure that we take it at least twice every semester. We acknowledge that students are the key stakeholders at GGI and their personal satisfaction with the quality of education that they are receiving at GGI must always be held supreme. We welcome Students' as well as their parents' constructive suggestions for the improvement of our teaching methodologies, faculty-student interaction, the amenities they receive at GGI campus and hostel etc.


The most significant component at GGI is experiential learning by giving students hands-on learning opportunities. Thus we are able to expand the function of classroom learning and add to dynamic educational experience.


1. Student – Faculty Interaction Centre (SFIC)


A fully dedicated class room to facilitate student – faculty interaction to enable proper dissemination of knowledge. This spacious centre is well equipped with state-of-the-art learning tools like LCD Projector, LAN Connections, Green Boards etc. Its illustrious core factors are designed with guest & visiting faculties from academic & industry.

2. Internal Academic Audit


In addition, we also conduct monthly, internal audits by our departmental heads in order to assure ourselves that we are complying with all the university norms and that the students are getting the best return on their time and money investment on their education at GGI.

3. Hands-on-education


Studies have proved that students learn best and remember the learning when they are encouraged to actively explore, experiment and work out demonstrable solutions to problems. Hands-on education challenges bright students to achieve more and helps struggling learners to find new ways to master and apply complex concepts in life. It also sparks the love of learning, develops skills and the confidence to tackle the unknown, which is what the real world is mostly about.

In each course students will spend between 20 to 35% of their total hours in laboratory exercises, experiments, project work, structured industry visits and internships.

To give you an idea how we have integrated the concept of hands-on or experiential learning into our programme, here are some examples: IT students could work on a project that involves the design of various utility software, the business management students are responsible for arranging various kinds of events both academic & cultural an event coordinators & also helps in gardening and hospitality management students are responsible to handle the front desk, monitoring & servicing the foods in cafeteria which would involve hands-on skills, helps to uplift them at society.

The communication skills course, on the other hand, will involve a mandatory practice in the Language Lab, where students will be assessed based on their skills. They would work on improving their communication and body language skills. We have various types of activities in experiential learning at GGI; All these are with one common goal which aims at providing a “hands-on” experience outside of the classroom.






Each course offered by GGI has clearly documented and mapped learning outcomes, which encourage faculty to stick to one teaching plan for the semester and deliver a high standard of performance. The course teaching plans are shared with students at the beginning of the course, so that they know what to expect, and can plan and pace their learning, and take advantage of the flexibilities built into the academic structure.

Following are some of the learning activities in brief: 


  • Lectures
  • The lectures conducted for every course aim at infusing and developing the analytical, conceptual, communication and application oriented skills in the students. The class rooms and lecture halls are well equipped with modern teaching aids like the multimedia projectors and computers with Wi-Fi connectivity which make teaching more interesting and help the student to understand the process in highly visualized form.



Tutorials are small group teaching methods that provide opportunities to the students to discuss, debate, quiz and revise their understanding of various subjects with their classmates. At their evening study hours a teacher is assigned to asses them as a group. The students are free to express their doubts in these classes. The teacher concerned clarifies their doubts in simple and best possible methods.






The main objective of counselling & mentoring is to help out each student in taking right decision for their academic and personal growth. In addition, counselling & mentoring will help boost students’ morale and improve their learning abilities. Each faculty acts as a counsellor in the counselling & mentoring process. Each counsellor is responsible for guiding about 20 students of a class. The faculty listen to their problems both academic and personal which hinder their learning abilities. In the counselling cum mentoring sessions, students raise their difficulties/problems regarding academics/general facilities/hostel facilities with their respective counsellors. The counselling & mentoring coordinator examines their problems and discusses with the director to find a better solution for their grievances.





Continuous Assessment helps in improving student’s performance by identifying his/her learning difficulties at regular time intervals right from the beginning of the academic session and employing suitable remedial measures for enhancing their learning performance.

Mid semester tests, Class Tests, Presentations, Quiz’s, Lab Viva Voce, Project reports, debates, Regular student feedbacks are used as tools of Continuous Assessment


The objectives of the Continuous Assessment are : -


To develop affective skills & to lay emphasis on thought process and de-emphasize on memorization.


- To make evaluation an integral part of the teaching-learning process.

- To use evaluation for improvement of students' achievement and teaching

- learning strategies on the basis of regular diagnosis followed by remedial measures.

- To use the evaluation as a quality control devise to raise standards of performance.

- To make the process of teaching and learning a learner-centered activity.

- To determine social utility, desirability or effectiveness of a program and take appropriate decisions about the learner, the process of learning and the learning environment.








We at GGI work on “No student left behind policy”. All the students of the college are expected to behave politely towards the staff and exchange greetings with them. The students should keep the college premises clean. Any charge of misconduct by students in any manner in the campus or outside the campus will be handled by the college disciplinary committee as constituted by the director, who will decide the penalty to be levied which may include expulsion.
Rule Book of GGI

The institute is managed by eminent educationalist, Expert & Popular Hoteliers, IT & Management Personnel. All students are expected to follow and strive the below mentioned rules and behave in a manner befitting that of a student of a professional course. Any student found to be acting directly or indirectly for the breach of the rules will be expelled from the college.


General Rules and Regulations


1. Students should be regular and punctual in classes, practical, and in timely submission of assignment and projects. If his/her progress, conduct, or attendance is not satisfactory, he/she will not be allowed to appear for the respective examinations / placements.


2. No student should use unfair means in written exams and/or orals organized by the institute.


3. Full attendance for theory and seminars is mandatory, failing to which, students will be debarred from the subsequent semesters.


4. Students should be properly dressed in the Institute campus & must put on the required uniforms while attending their respective classes & practical.


5. Smoking, Tobacco Chewing, Consumption of alcohol and use of narcotics are strictly prohibited in the premises of Institute. Students found in the case will be dismissed from the Institute and will be handed to the enforcement authorities.


6. Mobile phones should be switched off during Lectures, and on ‘Silent mode’ in the Institute premises.


7. Damage to the property of the Institute like tampering with fixtures & others will be viewed seriously and cost of damage will be recovered from the concerned students.


8. Ragging in any form within or outside the Institute is totally banned. Any student found undertaking these practices will be expelled from the Institute and handed to the enforcement authorities.


9. Students should carry the identity card with them in the college campus and shall produce it on demand by the authorities.


10. The authorized media of communication between the students and college is the Notice Board; the students are expected to read the notice board regularly. The college will not be responsible for any loss of the students due to their negligence.


11. The vehicles should be parked in the specified ‘Parking Area’. The Institute will not be responsible for their security.


12. Proper use of computer lab is mandatory.


13. Students are bound by the rules and regulations framed by the Institute from time to time. Any violation of the rules or an act of indiscipline on the part of the student shall result in disciplinary action leading to dismissal from the Institute.


14. Dress code is compulsory for the industrial visits and other functions.


15. An application in writing should be submitted to the respective authority, if a leave is required.


16. Students are not allowed to go outside the class during Lecture sessions. Permission of the lecturer should be taken in unavoidable conditions.


17. Students are encouraged to voice their opinion and engage each other in healthy debate. But they must be polite to other students and teachers in the class.


18. Students should arrive in the class 5 minutes before the lectures. Students who are late will not be allowed to enter the class.


19. If the lecture is unattended by the faculty for any reason, the Class Representative should communicate with the Class Coordinator; under no circumstances students are not allowed to leave the class.


20. Copying of presentations, assignments, projects will be viewed seriously. Strict action will be taken against students who are found guilty.


21. Guardians are expected to pay all fees / dues as per schedule. Fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.


22. The Administrative body of this Institute reserves the right to change, modify, alter the syllabus, prospectus, rules, guidelines, fees structure and other criteria of the institute whenever necessary according to the situation and will not be answerable to anyone for such change.


Library Rules


1. Complete silence should be maintained in the Library.


2. The students who lose the Library card must pay a fine of certain amount to get the card reissued from the Librarian.


3. The Library card is not transferable. And shall be used by the student whom it belongs to.


4. Two books for certain days at a time shall be issued to a student on a Library card.


5. If the students fail to return the books within the specified days, earlier informed by the librarian, a fine will be charged on per day basis thereafter.


6. Journals and periodicals will not be issued outside the Library.


7. The Librarian reserves the right of preventing any student to enter the Library and reissue or recall any books issued. Decision of the librarian will be final and binding.


Training Rules


1. The students have to attend the Industrial Training & Project in various reputed hotels, Corporate Industry & IT sectors in India arranged by the institute. In this regard, they have to pay the separate charges by their own.


2. The student is required to attend the whole training programme or other training activities. During the period of training, the students must be involved in work i.e. relevant to the practical training requirement.


3. If cancellation of training, the students will be treated with the cancellation penalty as not to arrange separate training thereafter.


4. If a student cannot attend the training programme, he / she should send a letter stating the reason addressed to the respective authority.


5. Each student has to acquire a successful certificate of his/her Industrial Training or Project from the concerned organization. The institute will not be responsible, if the student leaves the training in between.


6. The Institute will provide the basic assistance in Summer Internship, but does not assure a Summer Internship.


7. Misconduct of any kind by the students in the company during the summer project training will lead to disqualification of the students from final placements programme.


8. The students have to submit the Summer Project report on the date specified by the Institute.


Placement Rules


1. Only students having consistent record of 75% and above in attendance will be eligible for campus placement assistance.


2. Students having more than 2 backlogs will not be eligible for the placement.


3. Attendance for the Pre-Placement Talk is compulsory for the students.


4. The decision to apply will be made by the students.


5. Students selected from the campus are bound to accept the first offer made by the company, failing to which the student will be debarred from further placement.


6. After accepting an offer, the student must ensure that he/she joins the company on the date required, failing to which the institute will not give the student any recommendation letter and such student will be blacklisted from the placement cell.


7. After placement the students will have to maintain proper behavior and ethics, failing to which they won’t be allowed to participate in the campus recurrent program.


8. It is the responsibility of the students to keep themselves informed about all placement activities going on in the Institute.


GGI’s Policy


Anti Ragging Policy:


As per ggi Regulation on curbing the menace of Ragging, it is likely to be constituted an Anti-Ragging Committee, consisting of the members of Institutional higher authority along with one student’s guardian for each & every semester of the different stream with effect from July, 2013.


This policy covers the followings:-


Prevent disrupts or disturbs the regular academic activity of any other student or a fresher.

Exploiting the services of a fresher or any other student for completing the academic tasks assigned to an individual or a group of students.

On financial extortion or forceful expenditure burden put on a fresher or any other student by students.

And especially on physical abuse, causing bodily harm or any other danger to health or person.


Policy against Sexual Harassment:


It is also to be proposed that GGI’sauthority will take some drastic steps to prohibit, prevent, & eliminate the scourge of Sexual Harassment including all variants – sexual abuse, homosexual assaults, stripping, forcing obscene & lewd acts, gestures, teasing, treating or handling with rudeness or indulging in rowdy or indiscipline activities etc.


Grievance Redressal Policy:


This policy of GGI looks into complaints from each & every members of this institution (including the teacher & students). All the complaints will be handled separately. The complaints can be sent through email or written. Moreover, the complainants are requested to submit complete details of the complaint, without this the respective authority will not be in that position to take the convenient step.