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Under the expert guidance of faculty, GGI provides special mentorship programmes, timely guidance to students who face the pressure of their academic rigor. The main objective and focus of this programme is to build self-confidence in the discipline of their choice.






Management students need much exposure to industry related activities. To become an industry ready professional, every student must focus his/her attention on research work and other related areas. Guest lectures are a part of their continuous learning.  Professors and renowned professionals from diverse fields can share their ideas, latest trends and technologies. Such lectures will enlighten the young minds in taking right career path.
Having someone come and speak from the practical work gives a different perspective to the students. GGI regularly invite successful and experienced professionals from the academic and industrial work to address, interact with and inspire our students, while motivating them to pursue their goal with a lot of zeal and passion.









Challenging experiments are furnished for stimulating the creativity among the students. The students give presentations on innovative practical work followed by open house viva in which they have to illustrate the findings and interpretations.




Mock Interviews are held on regular basis to continuously train the students so as to how to face the interview conducted by the industry expert panellists.  The college creates   a virtual corporate environment for the students in every mock interview. These virtual interview sessions are scheduled to be held at a place where the students respond as their final interview day. These sessions are recorded audio-visually and shown to the students. Thereafter feedback is provided on each individual basis by the panel. It is therefore strengthening the students to know and to do their own competitive analysis. It helps them understand their strengths and weaknesses. The Panel is an inclusive of experienced teachers from the College as well as from the Industry experts.







This method of teaching is launched to facilitate the students to connect theory with the contemporary world. The relevant cases to clarify the concepts learnt by the students are given to them well in advance so that the students can come prepared to discuss the case analysis in the class. These discussions encourage students to apply the concepts learnt for problem solving / decision making in their educational and professional careers. 




For enhancing knowledge of students from every corner of their life, we are motivating them to make use of the social networking sites so that they can develop their professional contacts that could be the key factor for arranging summer internships, projects, guest faculty, seminars etc.






Students of GGI are encouraged to work in any reputed organization associated with their professional fields. Thereby they are successfully getting trained in that organization. They are usually made to work on a project.





The central part of any project program at GGI is done very practically. A group of students are collectively doing project works. Those are believed to be accelerated and active learning projects, requiring an efficient effort both in planning and implementation as well as in preparing a substantial final written work product. The students in group are allowed to select a project from their domain and they are asked to conduct practical and real life studies on all of them. The students will be enabled to have learning experience by means of educating them of how to convert the theoretical knowledge to the practical one. They find it to be the good opportunity to learn better by working with team.






Over the years, our rich blend of students has managed to excel in every industry and at every role. GGI Training and Placement office regularly conducts mock interview, group discussions and tests besides catering to logistical needs of top recruiters.
Our office has strong industry linkages with over 100 companies, who are annually invited to hold campus interviews:


- IT-enabled Industries
- Manufacturing Industries
- Consultancy Firms
- Finance Companies
- Management Organizations
- Various Service industry
- Five star & deluxe Hotel Property
- R & D Laboratories


Besides faculty support, our placement cell is assisted in this role by a committee comprising of student representatives from all the under-graduate streams. The committee evolves a broad policy framework every year and sets firm rules for placement. Student members are closely co-opted in implementing these policy decisions.





GGI’s motto is to have you take experience from  life-changing seminars and workshops with some of the world's foremost expert even before you earn your degree/diploma with us. Our objective is that as undergraduates, you must be able to apply your learning to your classroom scenario and later, to your live projects and work assignment. Our ultimate aim is to prepare you to work in a global economy and gain international perspective through GGI's cross-disciplinary, knowledge based activities, it ignites beyond academics concept in GGI.




It is an inclusive of  students who are continuously visiting many organizations  / any site pertaining to the profession they are getting groomed for so that they can feel the professional demands of the real world. It is providing an immense opportunity to conceive the realistic nature and practices of the profession the students are aspiring for.





An educated should think logically, speak logically, behave logically moreover he/she should be logical. Keeping this aspect in view, we have implemented Brainstorming system. It develops the students to come up with innovative solutions for the most difficult problems. It is done by allowing the students to focus on the problem and bring in possible solutions to it. This technique helps the students in the following ways to


  • Develop creative thinking and voice their ideas by leaving fear of criticism or ridicule.
  • Examine an issue in multi-dimensional ways.
  • Find a problem and solicit ideas irrespective of their feasibility.

Discuss possibilities of all the ideas and find reasonable solutions to the problems. If found, come up with a proposal backing the idea.




Most of us hide a talent that we dream of pursuing either along with our main stream career or later on in life. Students today are multi-tasking and multi-talented and are inclined to pursue their interests along with their studies. Having dual career in not an unheard phenomenon today and we encourage our students to chase their dreams. GGI has purposefully worked upon creating an academic atmosphere that gives constructive outlets to all their interests. So for that GGI’s members are always nurturing the hobbies of each & every individual students.





Organizing regular campus drive at a period of intervals in every year at GGI campus is another area where management  takes  keen  interest  to  facilitate  prospective candidates in landing suitable job opportunities as per their abilities, experiences and academic background.




A Group Discussion or GD session at GGI, judges the personality of a student. It assesses the behavioural traits in a student - his or her leadership skills, social skills, team skills, problem solving skills and presence of mind.

If we analyse the two words Group and Discussion. Group means a number of students & Discussion means exchanging information on a certain topic and coming (or not coming) to a concrete conclusion.

Hence, we can say that at GGI, Group Discussion is an invigorative discussion where a topic is analysed and discussed, and in the end, the students come to a fair conclusion. It involves team work, but at the same time, it portrays individual personalities of students.




At GGI, we give students the option to choose from several clubs, represent professional societies and actively participate in numerous student competitions. We will give you unlimited platforms to follow your passions, gain practical experience, and make new friends. We encourage students to discover learning communities from various disciplines. Inside or outside the classroom, there are numerous ways to make a difference; connect with other students, become a leader and enjoy your campus stay and experience at GGI.




We encourage  students  to  become  good  human  beings  by constantly  involving  them  in  social  service  activities  viz. blood donation, tree plantation, cleanliness drives etc. This helps make them into compassionate, sensitive and responsible human beings.